Business Area

  • Molecular Diagnostic

    The molecular diagnostic business has introduced more than 40 kinds of products to diagnose human genotyping, respiratory virus detection, tuberculosis, sexually transmitted infection and mosquito-related diseases detection kits for a healthy life since 2009.

  • Research reagent

    With more than twenty years of know-how, SolGent has been providing products for enzyme and microbiology studies that are the basis for PCR (Polymerase Chain Reaction) in molecular biology. We provide the optimal solution for various studies for basic science, clinical medicine, molecular diagnosis and gene analysis.

  • Genome Analysis & Identification

    SolGent is committed to helping people improve their lives through genome analysis service as a genome analysis agency, which started in 2005. Solgent was registered in 2007 as an agency for Identification rice and brown rice by National Agricultural Products Quality Management Service (No. 2007-3). We have been fulfilling our role as a representative testing authority, which raises the quality of life and provides safe food.

  • Service Introduction

    For more accurate gene analysis, we aim to be a company that links organisms with genes, genes with People, people with a better future. As the first runner of the Standard Sequencing service, we have 18 years of experience to provide accurate and customized services for the successful research of the customer

  • Partnership

    We have a trusted B2C area through CRS(Customer Research Service) and Open System for CDSMD (Customized Development System for MDx). We are listening to the needs of the market by maintaining B2B, and we maintain strategic alliances with several companies, such as OEM and ODM.

    • OEM
    • ODM
    • Bulk package
    • Genotyping
    • PCR set up
    • Full sequencing

    SolGent have supplied products as contents providers for molecular diagnostic kits to pharmaceutical companies and government organizations. We are pleased to provided our technological items and raw materials for your current and developing products. Also, we are able to supply our end-products or customized products as OEM for your business. We operate at a competitive price and our products are based on our possession of the original technologies and our expert knowledge.

  • B2B

    SolGent have a variety of forms of strategic alliances including collaborations, technological alliances and investment partnership. We are looking for partnerships to advance our cost, time and labor saving models to lead the global molecular biological and diagnostic market.